A.C.T. Customers,


Due to numerous circumstances, beginning immediately, ACT will be reducing the number and types of services offered. These changes will apply to certain types of orders that are the most time consuming.

These new guidelines will apply to specific instruments and musical styles.

I apologize for this inconvenience, but it has become more and more difficult to find the time for transcribing, so I must trim back to fewer and simpler orders - basically, the least time consuming. (The types of orders orders I can reliably complete in a timely manner.)



       Instrument               Playing style                    Music Style

1.  5-string banjo           3 finger                           any
2.  Acoustic guitar         FLATpicking                     bluegrass & country
3.  Mandolin                  FLATpicking                      bluegrass & country
5.  Bass (upright or electric)     ---                          bluegrass & country



       Instrument               Playing style                    Music Style

1.  Acoustic guitar      FINGERpicking                        any
2.  Electric guitar               all                                  any
3.  Fiddle/Violin                  all
4.  Bass                              --                              rock, pop, etc.
(most electric styles besides Country)

Also, there will be a price increase for transcribing:
  Standard Transcribing   =  $2.00 per measure
  *Level 2 Transcribing    =  $3.00 per measure
*Applies only to highly time-consuming transcription orders
Again, my sincere apologies to those inconvenienced by this and thank you for your understanding.

Steve Garner
Accurate Custom Tablature
May 4, 2016
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