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First and Bourne Band

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Bill Garner
Jackie Garner
Jim Speers
Steve Garner

                                    Bill          Jackie        Jim                Steve


"First and Bourne"
our first CD  --  2002

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  1. Amanda Jewell
  2. Ocean of Diamonds
  3. Why Don't You Tell Me So
  4. Billy Boy
  5. Soldier's Joy
  6. Waitin' at the Gate
  7. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  8. Foggy Mt. Breakdown
  9. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
10. Walk Out in the Rain
11. Far Side Banks of Jordan


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     CD Credits:
     1.  Jim Speers - mandolin, vocals

     2.  Bill Garner - vocals
     3.  Jackie Garner - bass, vocals
     4.  Steve Garner - guitar, banjo, vocals

     Except special guest:
     1.  David Corson - vocals and guitar
          "Why Don't You Tell Me So"
          "Walk Out in the Rain"
     2.  David Corson - guitar only
          "Foggy Mt. Breakdown" 
          "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight"
          "Soldier's Joy"
          "Billy Boy"
          "Ocean of Diamonds"